The Wedding Newsletter offers multiple customized content packages, ranging from a single customized article to fully customized newsletters each month.

Customized content packages are ideal for companies in niche markets of the wedding industry, large corporations, and anyone looking to specialize their newsletters.

Every customized content package includes a monthly 20-minute consultation to discuss themes and edits.

Customized content can be applied to articles, blurbs, special messages, or email blasts. We also offer customized “Wedding Tips” great for blog posts and social media updates including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.


To reach a larger customer demographic and surpass your competition, your best marketing tool is to create an online presence with customized content. At The Wedding Newsletter, our goal is to create customized content that will demonstrate to all current and prospective clients that your company is the best of its kind. We aim to provide useful, informative, entertaining, creative, and original content that will help you tell your company story, expand your brand, and establish your company as the leader in its field.

When you purchase a customized content package with The Wedding Newsletter, your company will receive newsletters that are written, edited, and thoroughly researched by wedding experts who understand what brides and grooms truly want and need. Your content will be entirely customized for your company and your marketing needs, designed specifically to heighten your brand-awareness, improve your SEO rating, increase your sales, and strengthen your business.

Customizing your online editorial content is not only the most cost-effective and efficient mode of marketing, but it is also the most strategic way to expand your business. At The Wedding Newsletter, we offer services to help you develop your online marketing and communications strategies, particularly with email marketing and social media, company branding, and project management. We provide assistance with editorial development and content planning, graphic design and art direction, image research, and of course building your online presence.