How Does the Wedding Newsletter Work?

The Wedding Newsletter staffs a team of writers who draft engaging, conversation-starting email messages specific for brides to be. The real value of The Wedding Newsletter is in the information.

Users are able to add to each message before it is delivered, but it is largely automatic. If nothing is added, The Wedding Newsletter will be sent to your clients on the 1st and 3rd week of the month.

It only takes a few minutes to create a custom email signature, load or copy and paste in your client emails.

Why just focus on reaching brides?

Your newsletters must match the type of image you want to project as a wedding specific industry. With our wedding industry specific writers and editors and their years of experience in publishing, you can convey information in a concise, lighthearted, fun AND factual manner. By focusing on the bridal industry, we make sure to integrate the right amount of enriching content to engage your readers and add value to your brand.

What is the importance of sending an email newsletter?

A professional e-Newsletter also keeps your name before your clients, reminding them that you have the answers they need. Your brides can forward your e-Newsletter to any friend or associate with an e-mail address... and that spreads the word that you are the trusted resource of wedding industry wisdom.

Can I use my own logo?

Yes, use your own company logo! If you don't have a logo or want a logo developed specifically for your email marketing we can do that too! Kelly, our designer is available by phone or email to assist you in creating the look and style you desire.

How do I choose a color scheme?

Once you log into your account you can select from a variety of color schemes to match your logo and set the look of your branding to your clients.

How do I customize or upload my logo?

Once you sign up for The Wedding Newsletter, we customize a personal log in area where you can upload your logo, add or delete your clients emails, view and edit the newsletter before it is sent to your clients.

Can I add social media?

You can add your URL and add your social media to your outgoing email newsletters and blogs.

Can my clients sign up to receive The Wedding Newsletter?

We provide you with a widget which allows visitors to your website to sign up directly from your newsletter.

Will The Wedding Newsletter advertise or include their logo on my outgoing newsletters?

Your newsletters are yours to use without any advertising from us. We do not include our logo or any other advertising in emails sent to your clients.

Are their any legalities I should know about?

The Wedding Newsletters automated system handles all new signups, unsubscribes, bounces and even spam complaints for you behind the scenes. Every email you send includes an unsubscribe link and lets your subscribers manage their subscription.